Social Impact

At TSB, we operate on the philosophy that economic success in South Africa goes hand in hand with social progress. Therefore, one of the primary objectives of our learning is to deepen one’s understanding of society, the links between business, government and society and the impact that one can have on society, as a future leader and manager.

We aim to achieve this goal through:

  • Developing a new generation of business, government and community leaders who will be capable of managing the complex economic, social and environmental challenges faced by business and society in South Africa and the world.
  • Conducting and leading relevant research, and sharing findings with policy-makers, business and community leaders.
  • Developing social and township entrepreneurs who will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the business school, as well as social impact partners, to start and accelerate their own initiatives and businesses.
  • Increasing the engagement of our staff and students with the wider community.