Entrepreneurship Development

An ecosystem for  new ventures, innovation and growth

At TSB we define entrepreneurship as the ability to craft, develop and grow new opportunities via start-up projects (Incubation) as well as within already existing firms (Acceleration). The value of an entrepreneurial mind set is transmitted through our E4 Impact International Certificate in Impact Entrepreneurship programme.

Entrepreneurship needs more than academic knowledge to flourish. We provide the advice, networks, funding and research necessary to bring entrepreneurial dreams to life and to help them grow.

The International Certificate in Impact Entrepreneurship (ICIE) Programme

The ICIE is an international programme run by the Tshwane School for Business and Society (TSB) in partnership with the E4Impact Foundation and the Catholic University of Milan. The goal of the programme is to train the next generation of impact entrepreneurs. These are individuals who create profitable businesses that bring social, economic and environmental development in their community.

The ICIE program is a unique platform to start or scale a business:

  • It adopts a tailor-made approach focused on developing participants’ ideas into successful business plans.
  • It adopts a flexible approach designed for working people.
  • It provides participants with one-to-one mentoring and opportunities to present their business to investors.
  • It has an international Faculty and confers an international certificate from Catholic University of Milan, Italy.

The first step to joining the ICIE programme is to enter the ICIE Business Plan Competition. To participate in the Business Plan Competition or to learn more about the programme, email: ICIE@tut.ac.za