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TSB Becomes BGA Bronze Member

By Unene Gregory on 2nd Jul 2021 in News

We are delighted to announce that the Tshwane School for Business and Society has become a member of the Business Graduates Association (BGA).

The BGA, a sister organisation to the Association of MBAs (AMBAs), is an international membership and quality assurance body of world-leading and high-potential business schools. These are institutions that are committed to ethical and responsible management practices and lifelong learning. The BGA accredits business schools based on the positive impact they make to their students, the wider community and the economy as a whole.

TSB has been accepted as a Bronze member, which is an ‘Education Membership’. This means we will join an international network of like-minded institutions and have access to valuable resources that will support our work of making a positive impact within our society. Being exposed to varying viewpoints and experiences will enable us to maintain an international mindset in all we do.

According to Andrew Main Wilson, CEO of AMBA BGA, the association welcomes business schools which “clearly demonstrate a passion for practical, entrepreneurial business education with a proven commitment to social responsibility and sustainability”.

This membership is a testament to our commitment of living our slogan Lead for Impact. Our BGA membership will also be beneficial for our students, which is important to us.

Our next goal is to proceed with the Silver (Validated) membership level, and work towards the final and most coveted Gold (Accredited) membership level. TSB’s public profile on the BGA website could be found here: TSB BGA Profile

TSB Student Spotlighting

By Unene Gregory on 23rd Jun 2021 in News

We are proud of our students and want to spotlight them, even before they go on to achieve greater things and make a positive impact in their respective spaces.

This month we got to know Ms Christine Hader a bit more.

  1. Programme and year:
    MBA, 1st year
  1. Please share your current occupation title and employer, and briefly describe what you are currently doing for work and the path you took to get to this point:
    My major background is in staffing, employee branding, and people integration – paired with interdisciplinary research projects in open innovation for integrated plant engineering.
  1. Why did you choose to attend TSB?
    I met TSB students on their study trip in Germany in 2019. This is how I learned about the program and its benefits. The TSB program was my first choice for the MBA as it encourages critical discussions and self-sufficient, educated opinion-making.
  1. How do you hope your TSB MBA will prepare you for career advancement?
    Having worked and studied in diverse parts of North America, Southeast Asia, North Asia, and Europe, the opportunity to study at TSB and work in South Africa will further my understanding of intercultural relations distinctively. Employees and customers raise unprecedented requirements in our progressively globalized world. This should be appreciated not only in an immigration country like Germany, but throughout the value chain of most industries.
  1. What person or course has most influenced you while at TSB? In what way?
    For sure my wonderful study team! The workload in this MBA program is remarkable and I am very lucky to have such highly determined, empowering, and amiable teammates! In our team of five, there is always someone who keeps up the energy. My teammates are very kind and patient, even though we are only in the middle of trimester two, they have already shown me new great ways of working!
  1. What do you know now that you wish you had known before starting your MBA?
    This is a serious time commitment. You do not just wait until work is less busy to study for this part-time MBA. There are subjects that will give you homework every week assignments throughout the trimester and mid-term exams. You cannot just catch up just before the end exam.
  1. What advice would you give prospective students?
    Do pre-reading to prepare for lectures. Try to read the respective chapter in the book, not only the slides. That way you can fully join the discussion in the lecture and learn from other classmates’ expertise.
  1. Describe TSB in three words:
    Work hard smile!
  1. Any other comments?
    This is just the beginning of my TSB MBA journey but it was lovely from day one!

Graduation of AMP Inaugural Class

By Unene Gregory on 22nd Feb 2021 in News

Monday, 15 February 2021, marked the successful end of our first Agri-Business Management Programme (AMP). This was a 4-month management development programme developed for the Agricultural sector by TSB director, Prof Jonker and The Co Op Humansdorp management.

The programme was developed to equip middle managers in the Agri-Retail Industry with industry related skills, enabling them to become more effective managers and leaders in their organisations.

AMP students in their integrated capstone project groups

The inaugural AMP class consisted of 22 middle managers from The Co-Op Humansdorp and covered the following modules:

1. Strategic Marketing and Communication,

2. Financial Management and Corporate Governance,

3. Operations and Supply Chain Management,

4. Leadership and People Management,

5. Strategy Development

There was also an Integrated Capstone Project which consolidated learnings from the other modules in a practical manner. This was accomplished by the students having to tackle one of four topics brought forward by The Co Op management and using their learning from the programme to conceptualise viable solutions. 

Students presenting their integrated capstone project

Congratulations to all 22 students who managed to keep all the balls in air, juggling their everyday work, the AMP and their family lives. These students learned a lot from the programme but also brought a lot to it.

The Co Op CEO, Mr Henk Agenbach also commented on the growth he’d witnessed from the managers since participating in the programme, stating: “We already see it in our financial results!”.

The AMP culminated in a graduation ceremony which was held at The Co Op with the TSB team joining virtually in light of the pandemic. The students presented their Integrated Capstone projects to The Co Op management and received feedback.

Students being awarded their certificates by The Co Op CEO, Mr Henk Agenbach and HR Group Manager, Mr Christo Serfontein

This was followed by the awarding of their certificates, with 9 of the 22 students receiving cum laude, and the Best Student, Ms Christina Robbertze – whose overall mark as 1% higher than the 2nd best student, walking away with a gift voucher to mark her achievement. 

Ms Christine Robbertze awarded the best student by The Co Op CEO, Mr Henk Agenbach

With the success of our first Agri-Business Management Programme (AMP), the results of which are already been seen from the participants – this is surely only the beginning for this programme.