For Inclusive Agricultural Development and Growth In Africa

Agricultural growth and development can be a powerful means of achieving inclusive growth in Africa. Agricultural productivity and specifically rural employment can offer increased income to the poor and provide food security and income diversification to vulnerable communities. Sustainable growth can be achieved by transforming Africa’s predominantly smallholder farmers into productive market-oriented value chains and business entities that will provide goods and services to local, regional and global markets.

In order to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth and development in Africa there is an urgent need for fostering a new development approach. This approach will aim to exploit the full agribusiness potential of the continent by finding innovative and unique business models and methodologies that will increase the agro-industrial value add and employment along the entire agribusiness value chain. The world of agribusiness is also shifting and its future growth is increasingly demanding innovative developments based on major mega changes in the environment such as technology and climate changes.

The Business School will firstly with this initiative make a direct contribution to the development of Agri-Business skills by the development of relevant development programs for farmers and the industry. An example of such a programme that was recently developed is the Agribusiness Management Programme (AMP). The Agribusiness Management Programme (AMP) equips middle managers in the Agri-Retail Industry with the specific industry related skills to become effective managers and leaders in their organisations.

The Business School also encourages research in this focus area and invites potential masters and doctoral candidates to do relevant research and by doing so directly contribute to this body of knowledge. The School also aim to become an important facilitator of change in facilitating debates, conferences and programmes that will contribute to the strategic goals of this strategic focus area.