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TSB MBA Alumni Spotlighting

TSB MBA Alumni Spotlighting

By Unene Gregory on 8th Apr 2022 in News

We are proud of our alumni! They go on to make a positive impact in their respective spaces. Our Alumni Spotlight feature shares the reflections of TSB alumni on their time at TSB and their achievements as alumni.

This month we got to know Ms Sharon Mukhola.

  1. Graduation year:
  1. Please share your current occupation title and employer, and briefly describe what you are currently doing for work and the path you took to get to this point:
    I am a Regional Manager at CATHSSETA. As a Hospitality graduate, I started my career with Protea Hotels as a receptionist. I was promoted to assistant front office manager within 9 months and then moved to a  coordinator position at  Head Office a year later. I was then promoted to  Key Accounts Executive within 2 years. Thereafter, I moved to the SETA as a Hospitality specialist and was later promoted to Chamber Manager for Tourism , Hospitality and Gaming. I then became the Regional Manager responsible for the SETAs four largest provinces, namely Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. A position I have held for the last 4 years.
  1. Why did you choose to attend TSB?
    The flexibility of attending classes on a Saturday appealed to me as it allowed me to juggle my responsibilities at work during the week and focus on classes on the  weekend. I could also get study time in the evenings after work.
  1. How did your TSB MBA prepare you for career advancement?
    I was able to improve my leadership skills and get more exposure in terms of business management. My background up to beginning the MBA had been purely in hospitality management.
  1. What person or module most influenced you while at TSB and in what way?
    The research dissertation was an intensely personal journey for me as it was a topic I was passionate about; the topic was the employability of graduates in the hospitality industry. This, along with the organisational behaviour (OB) module, had a really profound impact on me. I still lean on learnings from the OB module and they influence my management style and how I interact with and manage my team.
  1. What do you know now that you wish you had known before or while doing your MBA?
    Always ask for help when you are struggling, you are surrounded by people with a wealth of knowledge and you should tap into this. We are all struggling with something and we can learn from each other.
  1. What advice would you give current and prospective MBA students?
    Enjoy the journey! It is a life changing experience, immerse yourself in it fully. It’s important to strike a work-school life balance and not neglect any part of your life. Most importantly, build relationships.
  1. Describe TSB in three words:
    Game Changer, Dynamic.
  1. Share your best TSB memory:
    The interaction with fellow students from various industries and the lifelong friendships one makes through this journey. I met one of my closest friends on this journey and she has become like family over the years. They say friendships from school tend to last and I agree because this journey brought us really close and we have maintained the friendship after completing.
  1. What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
    The implementation of the Executive Development Programme for Women in Tourism. I was able to implement this amazing project because of the invaluable knowledge I gained from the MBA. I also chair a high level committee with one of the SETA’s line function government departments aimed at improving the Tourism Human Resource Development Strategy. I am able to operate at this high level due to the experience and confidence gained from completing my MBA.