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TSB Student Spotlighting

TSB Student Spotlighting

By Unene Gregory on 23rd Jun 2021 in News

We are proud of our students and want to spotlight them, even before they go on to achieve greater things and make a positive impact in their respective spaces.

This month we got to know Ms Christine Hader a bit more.

  1. Programme and year:
    MBA, 1st year
  1. Please share your current occupation title and employer, and briefly describe what you are currently doing for work and the path you took to get to this point:
    My major background is in staffing, employee branding, and people integration – paired with interdisciplinary research projects in open innovation for integrated plant engineering.
  1. Why did you choose to attend TSB?
    I met TSB students on their study trip in Germany in 2019. This is how I learned about the program and its benefits. The TSB program was my first choice for the MBA as it encourages critical discussions and self-sufficient, educated opinion-making.
  1. How do you hope your TSB MBA will prepare you for career advancement?
    Having worked and studied in diverse parts of North America, Southeast Asia, North Asia, and Europe, the opportunity to study at TSB and work in South Africa will further my understanding of intercultural relations distinctively. Employees and customers raise unprecedented requirements in our progressively globalized world. This should be appreciated not only in an immigration country like Germany, but throughout the value chain of most industries.
  1. What person or course has most influenced you while at TSB? In what way?
    For sure my wonderful study team! The workload in this MBA program is remarkable and I am very lucky to have such highly determined, empowering, and amiable teammates! In our team of five, there is always someone who keeps up the energy. My teammates are very kind and patient, even though we are only in the middle of trimester two, they have already shown me new great ways of working!
  1. What do you know now that you wish you had known before starting your MBA?
    This is a serious time commitment. You do not just wait until work is less busy to study for this part-time MBA. There are subjects that will give you homework every week assignments throughout the trimester and mid-term exams. You cannot just catch up just before the end exam.
  1. What advice would you give prospective students?
    Do pre-reading to prepare for lectures. Try to read the respective chapter in the book, not only the slides. That way you can fully join the discussion in the lecture and learn from other classmates’ expertise.
  1. Describe TSB in three words:
    Work hard smile!
  1. Any other comments?
    This is just the beginning of my TSB MBA journey but it was lovely from day one!